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Flavor Singles  single serve flavored sweetener packets are great anywhere you drink your coffee:

At Home: Flavor Singles  make it easy to add just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to the coffee and milk
(or milk-alternative) of your choice.
No more sticky syrup bottles.

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At Work: Flavor Singles  packets are a clean, easy, and cost-effective way to elevate your breakroom’s coffee presentation. Your team will appreciate it.

On the Go: Whether you’re hitting the trail or flying across the country…stick a few Flavor Singles   packets in your bag and treat yourself. You can’t do that with syrup or flavored creamer tubs.
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Flavor Singles_in Cafe.jpg

Cafes and Restaurants: Add Flavor Singles packets to your tabletop display and take your guests’ coffee experience to the next level.


Convenience Store: Give your grab-and-go customers a clean and convenient alternative to dial in their coffee just the way they want it.

Flavor Singles  single serve flavored sweetener packets – more taste, less waste.

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